The 3 Best Ways To Make Money Online

by gregnunan on August 1, 2012

What are the best ways to make money online?


So, you have made the decision that you want to make money online. Now what?

There are millions of websites dedicated to the best ways to make money online and almost without fail, the 3 ways listed below are mentioned in the lists of the best ways to make money on the internet.

Before you read further… If you are totally brand new to making money online and have little or no experience then do not worry about the ‘nitty gritty’ at this stage.

Have a read through to get a general idea about how you can make money on the internet.

At the end of the article I am going to introduce you to a great internet business training course available.

This is the exact course that has taught me the majority of what I know about making money online and it’s well worth checking out.

Firstly, there are 3 major components of an on-line business that are crucial to consider before starting:

  1. Residual/Passive income – The ability to perform upfront work and have it pay you repeatedly
  2. Leverage – The ability to run a business in which you can generate an escalating financial yield while maintaining or decreasing time input and effort (get paid more for doing significantly less)
  3. Low expense to commence and manage on-going

The 3 aspects of business above mentioned are readily available in online business, especially the 3 listed below.

3 Online Businesses That Are Low Cost to Start + Deliver Leverage + Offer Residual Income:

1. Niche Websites: There are several methods of generating income from a specialized niche website, yet the basic idea of the websites is the same, regardless of who you learn from:

  1. Select a commonly searched topic or product
  2. Develop a simple website about that niche with some quality content and information
  3. Execute Search Engine Optimisation techniques to generate visitors to the website
  4. Turn the traffic into money (by either selling products, earning affiliate income, or through advertising on the site)

Around 6 weeks ago, I (Greg) invested in a niche-website training course, and found the course to be absolutely phenomenal. In fact, just 15 minutes ago, I decided to check how one of my personal niche websites was performing, and found out that I’d achieved a major milestone. I’ve covered this in my post about my niche website journey.

Feel free to read on, but at the end of this article there is a link where you can find out some more information about the training program that I am using.

Just to be totally upfront with you, if you decide to continue on and do the training program, I will make a commission for making the referral. Just so you know… And that happens to be a great lead in to the next way to make money online…

2. Affiliate Marketing: This is a diverse topic and a really interesting way to make money on the internet. The fundamental concept here is this:

You create a basic website (and there are plenty of training programs to help with this if you’ve never made a website before)

From your website, you either directly sell products that other people have developed, or make a referral to another website that has a product of interest for the person that clicks through.

When individuals click on one of your links and land on an external website, the link is tracked by the internet site the visitor lands on (registering a referral from your site), and when the visitor makes a purchase, you might receive a commission payment for generating the referral.

As an affiliate marketer, you are essentially playing the “middle person”, matching customers with sellers.

The cool thing is that you can make money without having to create a product or service – You just link would-be customers with people that do make the products!

Affiliate marketing may also be performed in the absence of a website – e.g. advertising through social media marketing, e-mail and paid advertisements on the net. The website model is most common however.

3. Blogging: If you have an area of interest, or an area of special expertise, then you can literally convert your views and know-how into a website (a blog). allows you to generate a zero cost blog. If you also have an ability to write and a long-term vision for your financial future, then blogging might be a solid option for you.

In terms of how you make money from a blog, well there are plenty of ways and here are the three most common:

  1. Google Adsense: You can sign up to have Google place adverts on your site. You make a commission when people click the ads. At the time of writing this article, I have Google Adsense just to the right of the centre of my page towards the top. You’ll notice a strip of 45 adverts going down the page. When people click these ads, Google pays me anywhere from $.50-$2.00. Cool right!
  2. Advertising: Once you get some good traffic to your site, you may get approached by other companies that have businesses that are aligned to your blog topic that may pay you to place advertisements on your site. This is great passive income!
  3. Selling your own product: You may develop an information product or how to guide that is of value for example. You can place a price on the product and sell it from your blog.


Combining the magic formula of low initial investment and minimal on-going expenses + leverage + residual income, generating cash online is certainly an attractive prospect.

Check out the information below to find out more. I’m sure that the information is of value to you.

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