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Best Australian Home Business Ideas For 2013

The Top 15 Home Business Ideas

Before we get to the business ideas list, you may be interested in out new Australian Home Business Directory. The directory has a list of home business opportunitiesthat are ready for you to plug into and hit the ground running under the guidance of some of Australia’s top home business owners.

As for our Top 15 Business Ideas List…

Considered Trading?

Plenty of people give considerationto trading stocks, shares, currencies or commoditiesbut never take the first step. Maybe it’s time? One form of trading that is becoming increasingly popular istrading binary options.

This is a form of digital currency speculation and another way to earn a regular or additional income from home.Advantages of trading options include zero commissions compared to other markets e.g. stocks, commodities, etc. Traders are able to know their risk to reward ratio before opening a position.

Also, there are various options such as price targets, expiry dates, access to any type of asset class, different investment amounts per position and their winning payouts.So all you really need is a computer and an internet connection to create a stress-free income source, working online from home, office or anywhere in Australia.

To get started, you need a reliable broker where all your trading activities will take place. Many companies providecutting-edge trading platforms for both new and experienced traders and can handle any trading volume.

Why home business?

More and more Australians are searching for the best home-based business ideas to make some extra money from home.

Home business used to be something that a handful of Australians considered.

The GFC sent a massiveshock-wavethrough Australians and whilst it is generally argued that Australians got through the worst of the crisis far better than most overseas countries, a few things have become very clear:

  • Job security is a thing of the past
  • Living expenses are going to continue to rise and employee pay rates may not necessarily keep up
  • Superannuation-isnt-so-super-any-more
  • As a result, people in their mid 50s are clamoring for employment to top-up their Super. Quality jobs are harder to come by and there are more people competing for those jobs.

    The age-old theory of go to school, get a good job, work hard and then retire with enough money to live comfortably is done.

    And for most X Gen and Y Gen of today, the 40-year sentence to full-time employment is not that appealing anyway!

    The only way to gain control over what you do and when you do it in life is to get on the front foot and learn how to make money from home.

    With that, we have put together this article to highlight the best ideas for 2013.

    Its not just any old list though, as to make the list, the home based business ideas need to be able to earn you $500 or more in extra income per month.

    Why $500 per month? Well, it’s a nice figure, but the video below puts the value of $500 per month well into perspective. Check it out:

    Back to the ideas list… There are a bunch of websites that promote massive lists like 70+ ways home business ideas to make money from home, which is fantastic, but most of the ways mentioned are junk and many of them are really never going to bring you in any kind of stable ongoing income.

    So we have cut out the fluff and come up with a list of the top 15 home business ideas for 2013to make you an extra $500 from home.

    Whichever idea you choose, we hope to help you on your journey to make extra money from home.

    Complete List of the Top 15 Ways to Make Money From Home:Making Money Offline:

    The two key ways to make money offline are to offer a service, or develop a product. Both are very under-utilised methods of making extra money from a home based business becausepeople tend not to ever monetize their skills and knowledge. Some potentially lucrative ways of making extra money from skills could be:

    Creating Videos for People and Businesses:Video is an exploding market and the internet is quickly moving to a video-based medium. In fact, give it a couple of years and the vast majorities of websites will use video to explain their product or offering as opposed to text. This is a significant growing market and you could offer your services to help put together corporate videos for small or even large business.

    Book-keeping and Administration:If an eye for detail or crunching numbers is your skill-set, then you are a potentially valuable resource for small business owners who lack in this area.

    Become a Virtual Assistant: www.VAClassroom.comoffers certification and training programs for you to learn new skills from scratch and then offer those skills as a service to businesses. Becoming a VA is a great way to earn extra income from home.

    Become a Personal Trainer:If you have a passion for fitness, then you can turn that passion into a rewarding career as a Personal Trainer. You could train family and friends and branch out via referral into other paying clients. A low-cost way to do this is at your home, or travelling to the clients home, or even utilizing a local park. At around $60 per hour, Personal Training pays quite well for a home based business and you can get your accreditation through a number of providers predominantly online, in your own time.

    Offer Massage:Massage courses are fairly affordable nowadays as there are a lot of training organisations competing for student enrollments. You can get your massage qualifications in a matter of weeks and then find yourself with a service-offering that can pay around $1 per minute.

    Sell a Product:Do you have a skill in creating something unique? This can be a fantastic way to make some extra money from a home based product business.

    Product ideas are jewellery, handbags or purses, clothes, metal work, ceramics, or even food items like cupcakes or birthday cakes. The key here is to pick something that you are good at and that you enjoy. This way you can make money whilst fulfilling a passion. Check outwww.ullijewellery.comfor a great example of a home jewellery business idea that has proven to be very successful and also our article about how to start an Etsy business.

    Network Marketing/Direct Sales:There are loads of new and existing network marketing opportunities in Australia and we’ve covered this in more detail here. Approximately 70 million people are involved in network marketing globally and the industry is thriving. Now is a perfect time to get involved in the industry.

    Making Money Online:

    Trading: As covered at the top of page, plenty of people give considerationto trading stocks, shares, currencies or commoditiesbut never take the first step. Maybe it’s time? One form of trading that is becoming increasingly popular istrading binary options.

    Online Surveys:We tried this out to see what it is like because there are loads of websites dedicated to signing people up to participate in surveys. We decided against this as a viable money-making option as we didn’t enjoy taking the surveys, and found the dollar per minute rate a a bit too low to warrant the time. However, if you love providing feedback and don’t mind earning around $10 per hour, participating in surveys is a low-stress, simple home business idea.

    Blogging:If you have some skills, or a point of interest, then you can actually turn that into a blog. The cool thing about a blog is that you can make money from blogging, but you can also position yourself as an expert in an area which can then lead to other employment, business or income opportunities. So there is far more than one way to make $500 or more per month from a personal blog.

    Article Writing: If setting up and managing a website is not your thing but you have a flair for writing, then you can earn some passive income through writing articles for many websites. Check out www.Ezinearticles.com, www.Goarticles.com, www.infobarrel.com, which are each great examples that I personally use to both generate income and also generate visitors to my websites (you can put links in your articles back to your website). These sites are great because you take care of the writing and the websites take care of how the money is made!

    Niche Websites: This is a strategy that I (Greg) am actively using and now am starting to build a great passive income courtesy of the Niche Profit Classroom training program. I have a portfolio of approaching 15 individual website now and am thrilled with the program. I highly recommend watching the 5 free training videos on how to make passive income onlinethat are within our feature online marketing opportunity for 2013.

    These videos show you exactly how you can build an online passive income through creating mini websites, even if you have no experience with website-building previously.

    The program is like the pre-school of the education systemYou start out building mini-sites (niche websites) and then move onto other ways to make money online with the skills you learn before eventually “graduating” with a full suite of skills to make money from.

    Affiliate Marketing: As an affiliate marketer, you make money by promoting other peoples products or services. You essentially connect customers with businesses and makecommissionsalong the way. Again, theNiche Profit Classroom training course mentioned above teaches everything you need to know about making money online with affiliate marketing.

    Write an Ebook: If you have an area of expertise or interest, you can write an e-book and then make income from it by promoting it through affiliate websites such aswww.Clickbank.com. Website owners can choose to sell your e-book content on their websites, and when they do, you make a commission!

    Buy to Sell on eBay: This is not something I (Greg) am really familiar with, however my mother in-law recently purchased a piece of signed memorabilia for $70 and sold it for over $450 on eBay. I’m sure you’ve heard similar stories and the opportunity to capitalise on eBay is still strong. If you are someone that has a good eye for what things are worth, and youre prepared to take a risk in purchasing something to then on-sell it, then its a home business idea to consider.

    And there you have it. The top 15 home business ideas for 2013. Hopefully you’ve found something to help you reach and exceed $500 per month in extra income from home!

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