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Learn how to earn money online with Websites and Affiliate Marketing

Ways to Earn Money Online:


One of the fastest growing sectors in the home business and passive income opportunities today is learning how to earn money online.

Given the explosion of internet use over the past decade and the more recent super-uptake and use of social media, smart phones with internet connectivity and tablets such as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets, there has never been a better time to learn how to earn money online through an internet business.

Think about it for a moment…

  • Almost everyone is connected to the internet on a daily basis
  • We carry our internet-enabled phones with us for nearly every hour that we’re awake
  • People now realise the importance of having a plan B “back-up” stream of income
  • You can learn how to make money online in your spare time by just prioritising a few hours per week
  • We cover a number of ways to earn money on the internet from this website and our aim is to provide as much information about the types of online businesses available as we can.

    One of the tops ways to make money on the internet is through a side business where you create money-making websites. One form of such a business is developing mini websites, or Niche Websites as they are known.

    Niche websites are an ideal way to earn money online,particularlyfor beginners. Niche websites are small mini-websites ranging from 5-20 pages of content that are created around a very unique topic where there is existing demand from customers (as evidenced by Google search traffic).

    The concept driving developing niche internet sites, is to find keywords and phrases that are frequently searched for according to Google’s data, where there are just a few competing websites and to then build a site that continually brings in visitors to it for free on a daily basis.

    Once the visitors are there, you employ a number of money-making strategies to turn those visitors into money in your pocket.

    The mini-sites are basic (usually just 5-20 pages in total) and each page is very exclusively targeted to the specialized niche subject matter and targeted keywords.

    There is a more advanced form of website creation where you build larger websites that are often referred to as Authority Websites.

    These are basically enhanced versions of niche websites (upwards of 20 pages of content). Authority Websites have a lot more content, larger amounts of website traffic, returning visitors and are a complete resource for a given niche – but they take more time to manage.

    We cover the difference between larger websites and smaller websites in this article: Top Online Business Ideas for 2013. From this article, you will be able to get a feel for the difference between each online money-making strategy and gauge for yourself which one is more appealing for you individually.

    How do you earn money on the internet?

    You earn money online from any website by generating website traffic. Its as simple as that.

    Think of website traffic as similar to shoppers visiting a conventional store. The more people that come in the front doors, the more sales that are made.

    You will find a number of ways to make income online, including:

  • Creating affiliate websites where you make referrals to websites that sell products. When a purchase is made, you make a handycommission!
  • Advertising: You can make money a number of ways through selling advertising directly, or using Google Adsense which is a hands-off way to make money. With Adsense, Google manages placing ads on your website and you make money each time those ads are clicked.
  • You can sellinformationor physical productsyourself on your websites.
  • You can even make money without a website.
  • There are a number of training programs where you can learn moreinformationabout earning money on the internet. I have personally seen dozens and purchased a number of training programs and information products in order to learn the key ways to make money online.

    The best way to earn money online is to do it from multiple sources. I personally believe that diversity in any business is important, and particularly with online businesses. You can’t afford to have all your eggs in one basket in business.

    The “online landscape” changes frequently. If you have done a bit of reading, you will haveheard about all the changes that Google has been making recently which have meant thatsome people have lost their entire online empires following changes thatGooglehave made from the way they rank websites in search results.

    My recommended strategy for anyone that is starting out making money online is to learn the “art” of creating small websites. What I mean by this is learn how to make the websites, get visitors to those websites and then turn those visitors into money.

    If you can do it with a 10-15 page websites for example, you will be able to do the same thing with much larger websites. It’s a bit like the old saying “how do you eat an elephant?”. Bite by bite. Start small and build big.

    How much money do you make from a website?

    If you are looking for fast income online, and lots of it, then stop reading now.

    There are too many promises of fast riches online out there.

    The best strategy for earning money on the internet, is to build a variety of websites over a period of time that each bring in a modest level of revenue per month. For some it may be $10, for others a few $500 or so per month. If you strike a good one, it could possibly go well into 4 figures for you per month.

    The intended end outcome is a network of websites that are a passive revenue generating machine. Not one single website that makes all the money because this puts you in a situation whee all your eggs are in one basket. If you have a portfolio of 10-15 income streams online though you can ride theebbsand flows of online business with no problems at all.

    So how can you learn about earning money online?What is the best training program for beginners?


    Without doubt, the best internet marketingtrainingprogram is the Niche Profit Classroom training program.

    This is a program that I an active member of and will continue to be. It teaches cutting edge internet marketing tactics and provides you with a one-stop-shop for making money online.

    I wrote a review of thetrainingprogram where I revealed someinformationaboutthe income I earn from one of the sites I built using the program. If you are interested in a thorough overview and alook atthe kind of money you can make online, read my Niche Profit Classroom Review.

    Go make it happen online. You will never regret the decision to take action and earn money online.

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