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Want to earn money from home?


Visit our new Australian Home Business Opportunity Directory and learn from some of the best home based business owners in Australia!

Within our directory you will find a comprehensive list of the best home based businesses to help you make money from home, including:

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Presumably, you have made your way to this website to learn about how you can earn money from home, perhaps with anonline business, maybe network marketing or direct sales, or perhaps youre looking at a more traditional form of home-based business?

If so, thats great! We LOVE helping people by providing free tips and advice at this site about all those types of businesses!

Home Based Business is Booming:

There is no doubt about it; home business is a booming industry. Over the last few years, job security has become a thing of the past and individuals are looking for a back-up plan.

The internet is killing of tens of thousands of jobs country by country and it is now cheaper to outsource work overseas than it is to employ locally.

Personal savings have been decimated by share-market troughs and individuals with once comfortable retirement savings are now being forced to work longer, or worse, to re-enter the workforce.

Small and large businesses alike have struggled to come to grips with a changing online economy, retailers have struggled to make sales and the result has been reluctance from business to commit money to new staff and an inability to award pay increases to existing staff to the point where the cost of living is oftenoutweighingpay increases.

Smart individuals and couples throughout Australia are learning how to make money fromhomeon a part-time basis.

These people are creating a financial ‘buffer’ for themselves, ridding themselves of theirrelianceonfull-timeemployment as their only sources of income andgeneratingadditional income so that they do not need to cut-back onspending just to make ends meet. Life is too short for that.

The GOOD news, is that YOU CAN learn how to make money from home, and you can do it TODAY!

>>>WARNING – This Website is Not For You if…<<<

You are looking for truck-loads of fast cash. Sorry, thats what banks are for. This site is about teaching people, through our experience, how to make passive income from a selection of home business opportunities and to build it over a period of time.

How to Earn Money From Home:

There are literally hundreds of ways to make an additional stream of income for you and your family. In our view, the best forms of additional income though, are those that have passive income potential.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is income that is received continuously, from a once-off effort work once, get paid over and over again. It enables you to invest upfront work, but then enjoy continuous financial gain.

Why passive income?

Well, if youre only going to get paid for doing something once, then why not just work an extra overtime shift, or get a second job? Why go through the hassle of starting a home business?

Seriously, why would you trade time for money, just like a job, when you can do something from home, in your own hours, that creates an ongoing passive income stream something that creates true financial independence for you and your family?

Ways to Earn Passive Income From Home:

We promote 5 ways to make money from home business at this website:

Traditional Home Business: This is where you have a particular skill-set, perhaps a product that you can create, and you sell it to customer. Basically, like a traditional shop, but from the comfort of your home. You might sell your products via a website, through eBay, or even just word-of-mouth referrals. Its probably not a business model that will deliver true passive income, but it sure beats working overtime for a boss :-).

Blogging:If you have an area of interest, or an area of specific ability, then you can basically turn your thoughts and know-how into a website (a blog). There are thousands of stories of people that have created a blog just as a way of getting their thoughts down on paper (well, computer screen we suppose) and sharing them with their friends and family.

Over time, people have connected with their information and a following has been built to the point where the blog becomes a point of reference for individuals around the globe.There are plenty of online platforms that enable you to create a blog for free so this is something that if you are short on cash right now, you can invest time into it without any financial expense.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketers essentially earn income by selling other peoples products or services. Typically, this is done online through a website that you would create (we have a fantastic recommended course for this if youre just starting out). One great thing about affiliate marketing, is that you do not need to develop a product or provide the ongoing service, rather, you just make a referral to someone who does and make a commission for doing so.

Niche Websites: Niche websites are small websites that are developed around a quite specific topic (best if you have interest in it), where there is active demand online but a relatively low number of websites dedicated to the topic. There are a number of ways that you can make money from a niche website, which are covered in our recommended training program to make money online. You can read the review of that training programhere.


Network Marketing/Direct Selling: Across developed countries, around 30% of small businesses are based from home, and a significant number of those are network marketing businesses, which have a proven track record of individuals that have made significant life-changing income, as well as thousands upon thousands of people that have made considerable part-time income.

Network marketing is ideally suited to individuals that:
  • Want to earn passive income
  • Have just a few hours per week to contribute to a part-time business
  • Would like to make money in the short term, whilst still building an ongoing passive income (learing how to make money online generally takes a bit more time to grasp and succeed at)
  • Like the idea of ongoing, in-person support to learn the business
  • How do you choose between Network Marketing, Making Money Online or a Traditional Home Business?These 4 questions will help toidentifythe best option for you:

    What time do you have available? If you are super-short on time (have less than 10 hours per week available), and have no prior internet business experience, then we would recommend looking at a network marketing business opportunity.

    We say this because learning internet marketing does take time. Network marketing is more of a plug and play type of business easy to step straight in and prosper by following company systems. If you have more than 10 hours per week, each of the ways to make money from home would be suitable.

    What are your current expertise? What abilities do you currently possess that you can transform into a financially rewarding home-based business? There’s nothing wrong with learning something completely new, however leveraging current strengths will help while you expand your business.

    Is your expertise able to be monetized sufficiently? Is there demand for the product or skills that you have? If yes, thats great and an indicator that its a direction that could deliver quicker results. If no, go on and learn something completely new, such as online business or network marketing.

    What excites you? Setting up a business is generally a slow-moving process, be that traditional business, online business or network marketing. Whilst you can make money fast, most people will not make money quickly, so identifying something that you enjoy will keep you motivated to stay the course, even if situations are challenging.

    Plus, once you are running a profitable business, you would prefer it to be in something you already enjoy anyway right?

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