Case Study: The impact of making page 1 of Google on web traffic

by gregnunan on November 8, 2012

Short post, as I’ll let the video below do the talking, but I’ve used this website as a case study for assessing the impact of making page 1 of Google for your target keywords.

We’ve seen a significant spike in web traffic over the last couple weeks and it just shows the power of knowing how to get a website onto page 1 of Google and into the top few positions.

The CRAZY thing (and satisfying thing) about the recent traffic spike is that it has come at the same time I’ve put absolutely minimal time into working on the site due to other commitments.

You’ve heard of passive income, well I’m coining the phrase Passive Traffic. Right now, that’s what we’re getting to this site and I heart Google because of it. :-)

If you want to find out more about ranking in Google, follow some experts. Here is a post that I put together outlining some of the best internet marketing experts to follow.

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