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Our goal is to be your online resource for everything related to earning money from home in Australia. We regularly add new articles (be sure to check them out just to the left). We also feature a number of business opportunities from individuals that are having great success, right here in Australia, just like the one below:

The Product Everybody Loves – The Business Everybody Wants

If you are reading this you are looking for business or lifestyle alternatives. Correct?

Maybe you want to stop trading your time for a salary just to help someone else get rich?

Or you realise there is no such thing as job security and want alternatives?

Perhaps you are a stay at home parent and have time that could be turned into income?

The list of possibilities goes on and we each have our own motivations.

There are no free rides out there.

However, there is one opportunity that offers a universally loved product that everybody wants to use again and again.

The value is genuine. The people are genuine. The potential is real.

It really is worth taking a look at, which you can do so by clicking here.


Who’s behind this site?

In case you are wondering who “we” refers to, here is a brief overview of who is behind the Home Business Hub… But this website isn’t about us, it’s about you and we hope to help you on your way to a successful home based business through the information we share!

Let’s talk about Home Business in Australia…

It plays a major role in the Australian economy and a significant percentage of Australia’s economic production stems from home businesses. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that in 2008, there were over 2 million Small Businesses, of which 35.6% (around 700,000) were home-based.

We advocate 3 of the best ways to earn money from home;

In terms of where Australia sits right now, the member companies of the Direct Sales Association of Australia (DSAA) has a home business direct sales member base of just under 500,000 Australians. This means that just shy of 1 in every 40 people in Australia are involved in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales industry alone!

By the time you factor in the recent explosion in online businesses, platforms such as eBay, and individuals who operate micro-businesses to make extra income, the number of Australians that earn money from home in Australia would soar well beyond 1 million people. That is around 1 in every 20 individuals.

Simply put, if you are not earning extra money from multiple sources, you are getting left behind.

There are so many ways to make additional income that it is impossible nowadays to not find something to suit.

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We hope that you find some inspiration for either starting your business, or growing it faster, through The Home Business Australia Hub!

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